Sunday, October 5, 2008

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Fulvio Di Blasi, Joshua P. Hochschild, Jeffrey Langan (eds.)

Fulvio Di Blasi, Joshua P. Hochschild, Jeffrey Langan (eds.)
Ethics Without God? The Divine in Contemporary Moral and Political Thought


Ethics Without God? brings the theological perspective of the Aristotelian and Thomistic traditions to bear on a variety of current political and theoretical questions. The main essays explore a place for the role of God in recent academic philosophy and political theory. The volume also explores the implications of two recent books, each a major scholarly venture in theologically realist ethical reflection: a defense of Platonism in John Rist’s Real Ethics and a natural law jurisprudence in Russell Hittinger’s The First Grace. With lengthy essays prompted by these books – four essays each, by prominent theologians, moral philosophers, and political scientists – and with extended responses from Rist and Hittinger, the result is a volume that engages ultimate questions across academic disciplines and intellectual traditions. Fulvio Di Blasi is author of God and the Natural Law, from St. Augustine’s Press.

Contributors: Jeffrey Langan, James Kreuger, Laura Garcia, David Thunder, Michael Dauphinais, Daniel McInerny, Barry David, Armando Fumagalli, John M. Rist, Robert A. Gahl, Matthew Levering, Joshua Hochschild, Michael Zuckert, Russell Hittinger.

Preface by Ralph McInerny.